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    THIS is why you take the medical illustration class

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    I made dinner and then packed extra for tomorrow’s lunch because I’M AN ADULT.

    And then I unpacked and ate tomorrow’s lunch too because I’M NOT A GREAT ONE.

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    Macabre Gadgets F/W 2014!

    Official Macabre Gadets online storemacabregadgets.com!
    instagram: macabregadgets

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  8. Art by Heather Theurer

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  9. She doesn’t relate to other people. She was always a lonely child.

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    Stylized drawing of the Pond in Central Park, New York. Showing part of the skyline of the Upper East side with the towers of the Pierre Hotel, Sherry-Netherland Hotel dominating the view and on the extreme right the Plaza Hotel rising above the trees. Drawn in Pencil.

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    Filipino-born artist Noel Cruz restyles dolls into gorgeous echoes of famous people and characters. His skill has brought him great acclaim - the Princess Diana doll above sold for over $1,600 in March!

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